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Author: Dizca Rosalia Putri

How to Merge Photo and Twibbon Using Adobe Photoshop Assalamualaikum, wr. wb. Hello! My name is Dizca Rosalia Putri. I’m here to tell you a tutotial of something.  I call it “How To Merge Photo and Twibbon Using  Adobe Photoshop”. First, open your photoshop. Here, i used 2018 version of Adobe Photoshop. No matter what’s your version, it is able to do this tutorial.Then, you go to the left corner. Click ‘File, choose ‘open’. It goes to the file that you gonna edit. Find your twibbon. Here is my twibbon.  And then click ‘open’. After that, you go to the left corner again, click ‘file’ and then choose ‘open’.  Then, find your photos. After  that, click ‘open’. There will be two  tabs just like this. You go to the tab of your photo. Then, hold and drag the tab of your photo to go out of the line. Then, hold and drag your photo to the twibbon. You can close the tab of the photo After that, go to the right side and choose layer. Then hold and drag the layer 2, which means your photo to the layer 1, Which means the twibbon. Just exchange them. After looked like this, you can close the layer and continue your edit.  And then,  just manage your photo suits with the twibbon’size. Click, ctrl + t.  Then, manage your photo until the background of the twibbon is covered perfectly....

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CINDERELLA/ Dizca Rosalia P/ 1 MMB A/ 4103181008

CINDERELLA ONCE UPON A TIME a girl named Cinderella lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Poor Cinderella had to work hard all day long so the others could rest. It was she who had to wake up each morning when it was still dark and cold to start the fire. It was she who cooked the meals. It was she who kept the fire going. The poor girl could not stay clean, from all the ashes and cinders by the fire. “What a mess!” her two stepsisters laughed. And that is why they called her “Cinderella.” One day, big news came to town. The King and Queen were going to have a ball! It was time for the Prince to find a bride. All of the young ladies in the land were invited to come. They were wild with joy! They would wear their most beautiful gown and fix their hair extra nice. Maybe the prince would like them! One day, big news came to town. At Cinderella’s house, she now had extra work to do. She had to make two brand-new gowns for her step-sisters. “Faster!” shouted one step-sister. “You call that a dress?” screamed the other. “Oh, dear!” said Cinderella. “When can I–“ The stepmother marched into the room. “When can you WHAT?” “Well,” said the girl, “when will I have time to make my own...

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