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Author: Yuliarta Rizki Nusantoko


HI everyone ! My Name Is  Yuliarta RIzki Nusantoko from 2 D3 IT A . In this video i’m going to tell you how to make you windows shutdown faster. This is won’t take a long time to do that. Just practice some steps and that’s it you got your need. Steps : 1. Navigate to the desktop 2. Right click on the desktop and Select New-> Shortut. Then a shortcut menu appears. 3. Type shutdown /s /t 0 in the location of the item and hit Next. 4. Enter  name for your shortcut. A new shortcut will appear on desktop 5. Right click on the shortcut and select properties 6. Click change icon then click ok in warning box. 7. Select an icon from the list of available images. Click ok twice. Your Shortcut now have an icon ! Congratulations you now have a shortcut to shutdown your computer more faster...

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Windows Stats User Internet Usage

There are many type of Operating System like Linux ,Mac, Windows, and etc. We Know that Windows is an operating system that have been used for a long time in the world. Using windows might be easy for an amateur user rather than any other operating system. Windows has been released many version of windows from the first release to the last release like Windows 10. The Biggest amount of user of all version was Windows 7. But at this time, it was changed. Want to know more? Visit this...

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