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Author: Anisa Rayinda Sari


HELLO EVERYONE, NOW I WILL EXPLAIN ABOUT HOW TO COMBINE AUDIOS USING AUDACITY. THE FIRST THING THAT YOU NEED IS YOU MUST INSTALL THE APPLICATION. YOU CAN INSTALL IT FROM ANYWHERE. AFTER YOU INSTALL THE APLICATION, DO DOUBLE CLICK THE APPLICATION FOR OPEN THE APPLICATION. And then, click file, choose import and click audio. After that, choose audio file that you want to edit. If you have choosed, click open and wait until the audio is imported, this step takes a little long time because it depends on your duration of the audio. And then, on the screen will display a waveform from the audio that was imported. Play the audio to check it. For the other audio, do the same steps, click file, choose import and click audio and choose the audio file that you want. Wait until It imported,. the waveform stereo will be displayed above the audio before. Play the audios and consider for the part that you want to combine each other. After that, click selection tool to select the area that you want to cut using cut tool. Do the same with the second audio. After that, play again the audio to make sure whether it’s correct or not. And then click file and click export to export your audio to another format. Rename the file as what you want, choose the format as...

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10 Free and Best Android Video Editor Apps For 2019 – English Podcast – Anisa Rayinda Sari 10 Free & Best Android Video Editor Apps For 2019 Filmorago Filmorago is the most application of editing video used by people in the world. There are so many features. some are free, some are app-purchased. This app usually used to trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, and many more. People can also make square videos for Instagram, videos for Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, and many more. People can share or save the videos that have edited, there are a watermark in the video, but we can remove it with the upgrade. We can preview the clips in real time. We can import video and audio from social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. There’s a lot of collection of templates and effects and a set of professional editing tools.   Adobe Premiere Clip Adobe premiere Clip facilitates you to edit any video directly from your Android device quickly. The best feature is the automatic video creation capability. The app can automatically create videos  with any photos or clips that we choose. We can also create videos with its multiple video editing functions like cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, and many others. The special features in Adobe Premiere Clip are automatic mode for creating videos instantly, the video that has been created can be exported to Adobe Premiere CC, and Auto...

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How The Moon Became Beautiful – English Podcast – Anisa Rayinda Sari How the moon became beautiful The Moon is very beautiful with his round, bright face which shines with soft and gentle light on all the world of man. But once there was a time when he was not so beautiful as he is now. Six thousand years ago the face of the Moon became changed in a single night. Before that time his face had been so dark and gloomy that no one liked to look at him, and for this reason he was always very sad. One day he complained to the flowers and to the stars—for...

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