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hello my name is iga dwi lestari.

here I will read a podcast about Japanese technology

Japan is one of the advanced countries placing technology as an important element in the era of globalization. Technology is believed to have an important role in the economic development and progress of a country. In Japanese technology, the pioneers of future technological developments, as one of the robots that become machines in an industry in the world. And it can be concluded that technology development is a big key for long-term technology growth.

The Meiji Restoration (Meiji Restoration) is an early stage of technological and industrial development in Japan. The Meiji Era (1868-1912) was known as the modernization of Japan and became a supply for Japan’s change from a feudal state to a world industrial country.

The end of World War 2, Japan achieved progress in the industrial field. During the 1973crude crisis, the price of petroleum increased rapidly and impacted Japan in the chemical industry, which used petroleum or metal-based materials, which was difficult and had an impact on the production equipment. But this country is able to overcome it with energy saving solutions.

On the other hand, the Japanese industry makes products that have good quality and competitiveness so that these products can be exported abroad. However, in the 198 0s, when Japanese trade increased rapidly, Japanese trade friction grew.

Starting in the mid 1980s, Japan’s success was due to an increase in the value of the Yen. Exporting overseas products made in Japan is one of the keys to the rise in the value of the Yen. Until now, Japan has been able to show off its success in technology and industrial lization.

Source : http://student-activity.binus.ac.id/himtri/2018/11/25/perkembangan-teknologi-dan-industrialisasi-di-jepang/ (Translate By Google Translate)