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Photos are one of the best ways we capture memories, tell stories, and share life’s joy. Whether you’re a new mom looking to ways to capture the best photos possible of your baby growing up, looking for creative instagram new ideas, or you’re planning a trip to a picturesque location with plenty of photo opportunities – there’s many different reasons to pick up photography. But if you’re new to DSLRs or not quite used to your smartphone camera, your camera may feel a little intimidating. If so, we have you covered with our guide on photography for beginners. We’ll help you figure out the camera and photography basics along with providing some of our favorite photography tips for beginners.

  1. Get in close. Zoom decreases your photo quality, but your feet don’t. As long as it’s safe, physically move closer to your subject for a better photo.
  2. Practice every day. Practice makes perfect and photography is no exception. Get out there and start taking photos.
  3. Check for even lighting. Harsh shadows or lack of light will severely impact the look of your photo. Get an external light source or schedule your photoshoot for the right time.
  4. Keep an eye out for composition. Photo composition, or the arrangement of visual elements, is key to telling your whole story.
  5. Keep your batteries charged. Nothing puts a stop to a photoshoot faster than dead batteries.
  6. Plan out your depth of field. How far away is your subject? Is you subject clear and in focus? These questions all have to deal with your depth of focus.
  7. Watch for the golden hour. The Golden hour is the time when natural light is diffused and even. This time occurs in the two hours after sunrise or two hours before sunset.
  8. Stick to the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds will help you compose your photo so that nothing is dead center or framed in a visually boring way. Keep your subject or composition filling two of three grid lines for this trick.
  9. Experiment with filters. Filters can help you take your photo and make it something special.
  10. Learn how to work with motion.
  11. Edit your photos. After your photoshoot make sure to take the time to edit your favorite photos. Often this will be the step that makes them outstanding finished projects.
  12. Keep your photos organized. 

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