hello back with Elvina in my Podcast. Today, I will tell you how to start an internet radio station. for you who want to try your own broadcast, you can try it.

Step 1: Furnish your studio with gear.

It is optional because you can get started with your computer only. 

But, if you need more radio equipment, I will give you several options :

First Microphone, you need one to speak to your listeners, host interviews, or create radio imaging like the station ID or sweepers.

Second, Headphones & speakers, this allows you to listen in on your broadcast.

Then, Audio Software, you’ll need to your tweak audio files you have created. And to do this, you require an audio program.

Then, you also need an Audio Mixer

The mixer enables you to combine and control more than one sound input.

For instance, with a 4 channel mixer, you can connect your microphone, a second mic for your guest, a CD player or your music source, and your mobile phone to take calls.

Since a mixer can control the volume level for each input, –if a guest is talking loudly, you can turn them down. For your soft-spoken guest, you can turn them up.

last, you definitely need A computer with a reliable internet connection

Your internet connection is also vital. If your internet is slow, there will be delays in sending data to the server, which may cause buffering.

Step 2 : Select a playout software

There are three programs a radio station can use to play music; DJ programs, media players and radio automation programs.

While iTunes or Windows Media Player allows you to play audio and video files, radio automation programs can do much more.

For instance, voice tracking, which is prerecording voice tracks between songs in a playlist to give the illusion of a live show.

Or unattended broadcasting –where you instruct the program to choose and play music automatically. It works like this:

You choose the categories or music folders, the program will select music from randomly.

For instance, if you have a collection of 80s songs, 90s songs, and jingles, you can tell the program to pick one song from the 90s category, followed by another song from the 80s category and a jingle, before repeating the cycle. 

Step 3: Connect your broadcasting server to your computer or studio

It’s a straightforward process, which entails connecting your encoder with your server.

Step 4: Start Broadcasting

Finally, when you have a playout software setup with an encoder set to capture and stream sound to the server, you’re ready to broadcast.

Ok, that’s all from me for today, good luck with your broadcast.

Source : https://www.cloudrad.io/start-an-internet-radio-station/