Hello My name is Elza. Here I will talk about how to help improve your smartphone photography.

The camera phone has changed the notion of traditional photography, mostly because it is easier to carry around a camera phone that fits in your pocket than it is to lug around the much bulkier DSLR. You might be able to snap more interesting and beautiful pictures that capture the essence of the moment than you can with a camera.

Check out these tips to get the best images you can get from your phone. But remember, even with the latest tech, phones aren’t as versatile imaging tools as modern interchangeable lens cameras.

1. Know your phone camera settings

First off, don’t rely on your phone’s default auto mode. Although different phones have different settings, most should be able to let you control the focus, exposure, white balance and ISO.

2. Set your resolution high

It goes without saying that the higher the resolution of your photo, the better quality it is. When taking images with a smartphone camera, try to go as close as possible to the subject rather than zooming in when you take a shot. 

3. Go towards the light

As much as possible, try to take your photos under natural lighting. You can do this by going near windows or doors when taking photos indoors for get  sources of light.

4. Find different perspectives.

Taking photos from a unique, unexpected angle can make them more memorable and it tends to create an illusion of depth or height with the subjects.

5. Photo-Editing Applicaton

Sometimes there is only so much we can control when taking a photo. A lot of the enhancement has to come from the use of photo-editing application after photos are taken make it look more beautiful.

In addition, take pictures as often as possible. In this way, our abilities will be increasingly honed and developed.

So here are some tips that I can give to take pictures using a smartphone camera and hopefully useful. Good luck ..!

by Elza Triana Dewi_4103191029
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Source : https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/ways-improve-smartphone-photography/