Artificial Intelligence or AI includes machine learning which may rely on neural nets for deep learning and use complex algorithms. AI also includes autonomous applications and machine such as BOTS which use natural language processing for interraction.

Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that can learn and solve problems. AI is used for speech recognition, decision-making, translation, and data analysis. Hospital are using artificial intelligence to help them manage patients treatment.

Machine Learning, Machine learning is a type of AI in which a computer or system can improve based on its own experience. Machine Learning often involves usng large amounts of data to develop models or make predictions. Soundcloud uses machine learning to recommend music based on your listening history.

Neural Net

A neural net is a system of hardware and software modeled on the human brain. Many interconnectd processors and programa work together to process input and solve problems. We are theaching our neural net to produce automatic email responses for customer support.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning is a type of machine learning that uses complex neural nets. Deep learning involves from many examples rather than a simple set of instructions. Deep learning can be use to help software identify specific people in photographs.


An Algorithm is a set of rules of instructions that tells a computer what actions to perform. Artificial Intelligence relies on very complex algorithms to enable computers to analyze data. Shipping companies use complex algorithms that are able to find the fastest and cheapest route between two points.


Software or machine that can observe and respond to their environment are called autonomous. autonomous technologies are designed to operate without human direction. Car companies are experimenting with autonomous cars that drive themselves.


A Bot is a software application that can interact with users autonomously. Some Bots analyze information and prompt users to take action while others can simulate human-like conversation. Many airlines now use bots that help users to book tickets, check-in for flights and get flight updates.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing or NLP is the ability of computers to understand and produce natural human language. Apples’s Siri relies on Natural Language Processing to answer questions from users.