Pintaria SUPER30, IT scholarships that offer funds of 40 million

To face the demographic bonus in 2030 until 2040 Indonesian young people need to be equipped with future skills to improve leadership skills when entering the industrial era 4.0, now in the Pintaria SUPER30 scholarships, Beswan is equipped with future skills including problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. besides mastering public speaking effectively is also needed to face the industrial era 4.0. This scholarships in the form of training and competition aimed at 30 graduates of the most talented full stack developers in Indonesia. This scholarship is intended for 60 people within a period of 6 months of training. The requirement to enroll in this scholarship program is that Participants must only have graduated from high school / vocational equivelent or Higher Education and have a laptop trap and internet access. In addition, they must also be committed to running the selection and following the course material online every day for 6 months.

Other requirement are Indonesian citizens, at least 18 years old, pass the initial entrance test, take a bootcamp for 2 weeks,have basic English skills because training material will be provided in English but there will be Indonesian language mentors. Willing to do intensive training Full stack developer for 6 month ago. And last having a disciplined attitude and Hard worker.

The training materials that will be given include

  1. Front-end web development
  2. Programing foundation
  3. UI frameworks
  4. Database design and implementation
  5. Web development foundation
  6. Capstone project java

The Process of learning online training is

  1. E-learning for 90 hours
  2. Projects/assignments for 180 hours
  3. Flipped class/mentoring for 90 hours
  4. Self-learning for 639 hours
  5. Assessment 1 hour
  6. And the total duration is 6 month 

then after graduating from this scholarship program, you will have the opportunity to directly work in the best companies in Indonesia. Not only get tens of millions of funds. Graduates from this program will also get the opportunity to work by well-known companies in Indonesia in partnership with Pintaria. Some of these companies include, BFI Finance, Getplus by GDP Venture, HarukaEDU, Binus, and many others.

In addition, no less interesting participants also received guidance from professional and experienced mentors in the field of IT and certificates to develop a career. Pintaria Super30 works with the Lithan digital skills accelerator which has international certifications in conducting full stack developer courses both online and offline. For more information you can visit