Developing Countries like Indonesia will have many improvement throughout the whole journey to become a first world country, since until right now Indonesia is deemed as a third world country. But right now vehicle growth in Indonesia is becoming a focus as it keep increasing every year as it progressed. In 2014 Indonesia have 92 Million Motorcycle but as it progressed, every year it keep increasing steadily, even in 2015 the number already become 98 Million, in 2016 105 Million, and lastly in 2017 it become 113 Million. In this data we can see that every year the number of motorcycle is increasing between 6-8 Million, that’s a huge number. But sadly as we have Motorcycle, we have Car to as it become the most favorite choice of Indonesian people, because it deemed as a social standing, and that’s make the number growing from 12 Million in 2014 and finally it land on 15 Million, even though the number is not much when we do comparison with Motorcycle growth, but still a Car size is bigger than Motorcycle, and please consider about the width of the road that we use everyday. And then we have Bus that growth slowly through the year, from 2.3 Million in 2014 until 2.5 Million in 2017, it mean that Indonesian people really do not like to use the mass public transportation.

And if we keep this trending as a ‘norms’ in Indonesia, it will become a huge burden in the near future, since there is many drawback that resulting in problems. We can name a few, pollution problem, road problem, traffic problem, and of course Money problem.


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Yonathan Susanto