How to Create a Video Based Quiz Questions with Ispring

Start by the preview in this questions then close the preview….
1. first step remove this video from the questions, and then add it back with the new video,now over here slide that view we can arranged how ever we like
2. you can setup layout right here, you can choose a horizontal layout for example,
3. adjust make the video little bigger size,you can also right click and go to properties and you can mark playback controls,automatic playback and limit the number of playback
4. also you can go to the animations by choosing a animations you like, and you can rearrange the slide up and down and you must watch the video before answering the questions
5. and we can go back to form view and preview the questions, so you can see hows looks. look greats

Thank you for watching how to create video based quiz questions with ispring 🙂

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