Assalamu’alaikum wr. wb

Hi friend, in this video I will tell you how to make a silhouette art. so don’t skip this video and enjoy it.

Firstly, open the Photoshop application, then click “File” and select “New” to create a new layer

then replace it with the name silhouette, select international paper. and here I choose A5, use 300 resolution, RGB color, and click “ok”

after a new layer appears, drag and drop images, and click the “check mark above”

then, add a new layer to make the silhouette. Use the pen tool to make the line, and for more detail click zoom or (ctrl + +), for undo I use a shortcut that is (ctrl + alt + z)

Click one by one according the line. use “alt” to cut the line so it’s not sustainable, do this repeatedly. And I will speed up this section because it’s the same as before.

for the eyes, zoom again to get clearer photos. Then make a line again.

After the line has finished, “right click” then select “make selection” choose “ok”. Color the line in black, then hide the original image.

Create a “new layer”, then select “rectangle tool” and make a square like this. Remove color in a square, and color the stroke. choose the stroke size as desired. Combine line with square by pressing (Ctrl + g).

Scale, and click the “check mark” above. then place the image in the middle by pressing¬† (ctrl + a) and click “align horizontal centers” then “ctrl + d”.

After that click “new layer”, add text. give the text a black color. Place the text in the middle.

then click “new layer”, click “brush” and create effect like this. then change the color to pink, and do it like this.

after that slide the effect layer down the image.

Then click “file”, select “save as” change the format of photoshop with JPEG then click “save”. here you will be given a choice of image quality. For me, I select the maximum quality, then click “ok”


Now you can try it and make your own art, My name is Desi Krista Sari and thank you.