Logo design has a large and wide market share, if you want to get a substantial income, learning logo design is a very important science to learn if you want to go into the world of graphic design, design services.

Select the Polygon Tool (Y) in the Toolbox, then create a hexagon object. To create a rectangular object using the Polygon Tool, set the Number of Points to “6”. Then for precision shape press SHIFT when creating objects.

Select the Arrange menu> Transformations> Scale. Then set the scale value H and V to 65 then click Apply.

Block the two objects then click Trim.

Then select the Rectangle Tool (F6) then create a rectangular object on the left edge of the first object. Then Trim the two objects, see the image below.

Select the Polygon Tool (Y), set the Numer of Points value to “3” then make a triangle object. Then Rotate 90 degrees of the object. Place it in the middle right position of the first object.

After that, the two objects Weld to become one object

Then create a six-square object again with a smaller size and then place it in the middle position of the previous object. Then block the two objects then click the Shaping Tool Weld button.

Now color the object in color

The next step select the Freehand Tool (F5), then make a tangent to the corner of the object.

Select the Smart Fill Tool, then color the tangent that we just created with the Freehand Tool. Then remove the Outline, or the line we created with the Freehand Tool.

Now, you can already create a professional logo for your own company