My name is Niken from Game Technology. As you can see in your screen, I already running CorelDRAW App. That means I’m gonna share a basic tutorial of CorelDRAW that is coloring. Here, we will learn about how to color a JPEG Image. We gonna learn how to trace an image’s outline and then put some colors on them. Now let’s begin!

First of all we need a workspace to do our coloring. Here, you can choose either by clicking on File in the toolbar and then choose New or clicking the New Document box in the middle of the screen. Rename the workspace, and now we have a new workspace to do our experiment.

The next step you need to do is importing an image by clicking on File in toolbar and then click on Import. Choose a JPEG Image you want to trace and place it in the middle of your workspace. Now, I have a line-drawn Hamtaro smiling to you. But I’m gonna make him prettier by doing right click to him. Go to Outline Trace and choose Line Art. Its loading now.

Lets take a look to the PowerTrace window. First, we have Detail Panel here. We can use this panel to advance the details of our trace. Next, we have Smoothing Panel to set the smoothness of the image’s outline. While Corner Smoothness can be use to smooth any sharp edges of a line. Last, we can remove the image’s background color or even color from entire image. For now, we just have to choose remove background color.

Back to Hamtaro, you see no difference of him, right? But here, look closely. When I click on Hamtaro and then drag him to the right side, surprisingly there is another Hamtaro behind Hamtaro! Yes. Hamtaro in the left side is the original image before we trace it. Therefore we don’t need it anymore, so I’m just gonna delete this and focus to the traced Hamtaro in the right side. Click on him and drag him to the middle of the workspace. Now we are ready to put some color to him.

Click the Hamtaro again, and click on Ungroup Objects. By clicking it means that the image became grouped into some areas separated by a line. We can put any color to each areas. Now, lets begin the coloring. You just need to click on any areas of the Hamtaro and then choose any color you prefer by clicking on the color toolbox on your right side. Be careful not to click the line instead. Because if you clicked on it and then give it a color, the one’s gonna be colored is the line not the body areas.

We’ve done the coloring to Hamtaro. He is way prettier than before, right? Now, lets finish this tutorial by saving the image of Hamtaro. Go to File in the toolbar and then choose Export. Here you can save the image with any format you want it to be. I want it as a JPEG so I choose JPEG Bitmaps and click Export.

Another window to face before the saving process done. In this window, you can customize your JPEG File. Lets set this image with CMYK Color Mode. And finally we can save it by clicking the OK button.

Before I end this tutorial, I want to check whether the image is saved or not. So I will go to my Pictures folder and here it is. Hamtaro is here in my folder! Okay, lets go back to the workspace. If you want to save your work so you can do any editing or redrawing with it, you just have to click on the memory card thumbnail in the toolbar. Select CDR-CorelDRAW as the format and then click Save button.

Finnaly, its the end of the tutorial. I would like to say thank you for watching this video and I hope it will be useful for you guys. See you next time!