How to Using Dualshock 4 (PS4) Controller to Play Game on PC.


Hello. My name is Unca from Game Technology faculty. Today I will tell you about how to using Dualshock 4 (PS4) Controller to play game on PC. We know that almost all of PC game that exist on markets nowadays only compatible with XBOX controller either XBOX One or XBOX 360. It’s such a waste if we buy the XBOX controller only to play the PC game when we have PS4 contoller. So, here I am gonna tell you how to using them without losing any money.

First, we need PS4 Controller itself, USB cable to connect the controller to PC, and the last one is DS4Windows.

What is DS4Windows? DS4Windows is application that emulate PS4 controller to become XBOX 360 controller. So, the game system recognize our controller as XBOX 360 instead of Dualshock 4.

You can download it free on just click on the download button and there’s GitHub website pops out. Choose the latest one and download only the zip file. After that, extract everything in the zip. There’s DS4Updater and DS4Windows. You can update your DS4Windows using the updater.

Before opening the DS4Windows.exe you need to connect your controller to PC by using USB cable. After they’re connected, open the application and it’s gonna automatically connect and emulate your controller.

Now you are ready to play your game using PS4 Controller. It’s simple right? And free!

That’s all, thank you for watching.