Hello everyone, my name is Fariz. Today i will show you guys about top 10 digital painting software for artist.
Let’s get started.

10. Corel Painter 2019

Corel Painter is created by Pros for Pros, whether transitioning from traditional art to digital art software, Corel Painter will exceed your expectation. And Painter will give natural look and feel to your work.
And they’re always updating , but corel painter is pricey and maybe confusing for beginner because it has many options.


9. Medibang Paint Pro

Medibang Paint Pro is digital drawing tool you need to illustrate comics. Medibang is for windows and macOS and the cost is free. Medibang Paint Pro is digital drawing tool with more tool that needed on creating manga art and comic.


8. Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio

TwistedBrush have many option to make your own brushes, and TwistedBrush have more than 9000 brushes , but TwistedBrush only available on windows and it will cost $118.80.

7. Krita

Krita is one of the most underrated free and open source painting software. The cost is free and Krita is easy to use because Krita has an intuitive and customisable interface, where the dockers and panels can be set up to maximise your workflow. Krita is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

6. ArtRage 5

ArtRageis another great piece of painting software for artists working on MacOS or Windows.Use Watercolours, traditional canvas textures, graphic design tools and create your own tools with the latest version. Tweak various layers and filter and layer blend modes.
As well as acrylics, ArtRage also offers chalk, oil paints, watercolours, inking pens and more.

You can buy ArtRage  for $79

5. Artweaver 6

Artweaver 6 has two version : Artweaver Free and Artweaver Plus. You can check at the comparision chart to help you decide which is right for you. Artweaver is easy to use for beginner and the interface is also highly customisable. Artweaver 6 is available on Windows. If you want the Plus version it will cost you $41.

4. Graphiter

Graphiter is an intuitive sketching app. With Graphiter you can create realistic looking graphite drawings and sketches. The tools is so traditional like a blend tool , an eraser and graphite pencil. Graphite is easy to use but, Graphite is only available on windows and the cost is free.

3. Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint is favorite digital painting software for manga artist and comic creator. Because Clip Studio Paint has natural and traditional feel that’s wrapped up in a digital drawing and painting app. There are two version Pro and Ex versions. The Ex version is offer more features.
Clip Studio Paint is available on Windows and macOS and the cost is $49.99 for the Pro version and $219 for the Ex version.

2. Affinity Designer

If you want to create custom designs and illustrations, you can use Affinity Designer because Affinity Designer has everything to create those. Affinity Designer is vector support. This software is good ,but they might have confusing interface and this might be hard for beginner to use. Affinity Designer is available on Windows and macOS and this will cost you $49.99.

1. Adobe Photoshop CC

With Photoshop, you’ll get access to thousands of brushes. And Photoshop is the most used digital painting software by many kind of artist. You can easily share your data and access all of your assets including brushes, images, colours and styles across all of your devices.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 is available from Adobe’s Website for $20.99 per month. Photoshop is available on Windows and macOS.

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