Tutorial How to Create Depth of field Effect on Clip Studio Paint

Many digital artist use depth of field effect by blurring some parts, this effect can make your subject pop, and adding sense of depth. Here is the trick to add sense of depth in your art by using Clip Studi Paint.

  1. Open your Clip Studio Paint program.
  2. Create new workspace, or open your saved work.
  3. Add new layer for the blurred object, for example here is the leaves.
  4. Then move to the leaves layer, and click filter.
  5. Choose Gaussian blur, then adjust the amount of the blur.
  6. Be careful when you apply the filter, make sure you are on the right layer. Watch out for the composition, if you add too much object it may ruin your composition.


(*nb: pardon my voice because I was holding back my cough)