How To Remove Noise and Add Effect Studio Reverb

With Adobe Audition


  1. Open your Adobe Audition. In this tutorial, I am using Adobe Audition CC 2017. If you are using lower Adobe Audition version, I hope this tutorial can work in your Adobe Audition version.
  2. You can make a new project, you can click on file tab – audio file. But, in this tutorial, I already have audio ready for editing. If you already have audio ready for editing too, you can click on file – open.
  3. After that you can listen in your audio file, find a noise. You can block that noise like this, and righ
    t click on it, click on Capture Noise Print, or you can use the shortcut of that command, shift + P. Capture Noise Print used to see how much and how bad your noise is.
  4. This step used to remove all of noise in your audio file. If you’ve done Capture Noise Print, you can block all your audio file, or you can use shortcut of that command, ctrl + A, and click on effect tab, put the pointer on Noise Reduction / Restoration, and click Noise Reduction (proc
  5. ess). After that, you can click apply on Effect – Noise Reduction tab that opened.
  6. In this step, your noise has been deleted. Then, you can make your audio file, just like you recorded in a studio, or what we usually call it Reverb. Yap, you can make it like that, actually with effect that served in your Adobe Audition. First, you see on the left side of the project wi
  7. To give the reverb effect, you can click on an arrow in Effects Rack, and choose Reverb – Studio Reverb.After that, Rack Effect opened, you can close it directly. You can play your audio project. That’s awesome ! your project is now like being recorded in a studio.
  8. If you have completed all the steps, you can export your project to a mp3 file. You can click file tab – export – file, or you can use the shortcut of the command, ctrl + shift + E. You can save the mp3 file in the destination folder that you like, with change location and you can give name of the mp3 file.
  9. You can play your mp3 file. Voila ! now, your mp3 file is better than before.
  10. ndow, there is a tab Effects Rack section, and you can see there are 16 slots for the effect that you will give to your audience.
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