Hello viewers, my name is winalda rachmawan and this video I will make a tutorial. this tutorial is about how to make demon voice with an adobe audition. So, let’s start and enjoy this video.

Before you do this tutorial, you must have Adobe Audition software first. if not, you can download and search the internet. you can get it 7 days trial. Then you have to have sample voice that will be edited to be demon voice,  but sample voice must be recorded using scream sounds, like this “….”. and you can’t  edit if the sound recording is only with normal sound, because ordinary sounds will be difficult when edited. Okay, you have software and you have the sample voice, now we are entering the editing step. At this step I will use 3 effects, namely mastering, pitching and then reverb. Now you can drag and drop your audio file here, like this…. and let’s listen to the sound once more, like this and we’ll see the results when it’s edited soon.  Ok the first effect, mastering. This effect makes our sound stable, so nothing is too loud or slow.

You can click effect > special and than click mastering. You can copy settings like this, reverb 0, exciter 30 and more like this. Ok finish ?? Then click apply. Yappp next step is give a pitching effect. In this effect it makes our voice become deeper and heavier like a demon. You can click on the effect then time and pitch and then click stretch and pitch. You can copy that settings like this with -6 pitch shift or you can adjust it to your vocal sound too. Then only activate the solo instrument or voice and change this to the maximum. Then click apply Last one, at this step we will give a reverb effect, which is an effect that makes our voices echo or make a sound reflection. You can click effect> reverb then click full reverb. Well in this effect we don’t need to set it manually. You can choose the preset then select the lecture hall. Ok and click Apply  So now demon voice has been made. You can listen to it like this, or compare it to the previous sound.

So that’s how to make demon voice witch adobe audition thank you for watching this video, sorry for my mistake and good bye