Hello everyone, my name is efry anggraini maharani and this video I will make a tutorial. this tutorial is about how to make edit photos Filter Freckle with afterlight.

Afterlight is an IOS and Android application that provides 50 filters and 60 textures that you can use to edit images. You can also coat one filter with another filter, and combine it again with various basic settings, such as brightness, contrast, and others. Okey, let’s start.

  1. First open your afterlight app
  2. then select the photo that you want to effect (for example this one)
  3. after that set the filter according to your wishes or choose what you like


-well, at the bottom is to adjust saturation, contrast, and the like

– if next to it are various kinds of filters. You just choose which filter you like and adjust it to your photo

– well, what we chose was the right side which was a cliche image. we chose the dusty one, here there is a menu of 1 to 13 choices to give a freckle effect. This number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10(This gives a photo effect that is torn with lines. which gives the impression of an old photo and looks aesthetic)

– the bottom part of this is to find out how many spots effects we want to show. the smaller the value, the fewer freckle will appear, and vice versa. if you feel it’s right click on the checklist then done in the upper right corner.

– we can see the results of our photos in the gallery, look for the album afterlight. and this is the result. Look, here are white spots. because the background is gray, the spots are not visible.

-Okey thank you for watching this my video and goodbye