Due to their popularity on traditional video game consoles, Square Enix has brought many of their classic Final Fantasy titles over to Android smartphones and tablets to allow more people to play them. Among these many iconic video game titles is Final Fantasy VII, one of the most-popular Japanese roleplaying games of all time and the one that popularized the genre in Western markets when it was first released on the original PlayStation in 1997.

The Android version of Final Fantasy VII contains all of the content from the original release and uses onscreen touch controls in place of a gaming console’s controller. Some additional options have also been added to make the experience more enjoyable for today’s audiences, such as the ability to turn off random monster encounters.

  1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is one of the newer offline games that requires no WiFi. It’s a side-scrolling infinite runner. You ski down various slopes, make various jumps, and collect a bunch of coins. The coins unlock customization elements in the game shop. You also get colorful, good looking graphics. They won’t win any awards for realism, but they sure are nice to look at. The mechanics are easy enough. You move forward on your own. The only player controls are jumping and performing flips in mid-air. The game is free with advertising. You can pay to remove the ads or buy coins to unlock customization elements.

  1. Microsoft Solitaire Collection

Microsoft Solitaire Collection, as its name implies, is Microsoft’s release of their classic Solitaire video game that many will remember from old Windows PCs. This new version features improved graphics, touch controls, customizable card decks, and other game modes such as Spider Solitaire, Free-Cell Solitaire, Tri Peaks Solitaire, and Pyramid Solitaire.

All of the Solitaire game modes can be played offline but, if your Android device is connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi signal, game progress can sync to other devices and you can partake in daily challenges.

  1. Crashlands

Crashlands is among the best offline Android games ever. You end up on a planet with no way off. The goal is to build a base, defeat the main bad guy, and craft various items to get out. It comes with a simple, fun combat system. There is also a self-managing inventory, tons of stuff to craft, and tongue-in-cheek humor that keeps the atmosphere light and goofy. There is also cloud saving support, offline play, and controller support.

  1. LIMBO

LIMBO is an atmospheric platformer that sees you taking control of a young boy who has gone in search of his sister in limbo. This Android video game is entirely in black and white and relies heavily on concealing obstacles and monsters in its shadows to create a truly spooky gaming experience.

LIMBO will appeal to mature fans who enjoyed classic 2D platformers, such as Super Mario Bros, growing up though may bore younger gamers due to its duotone aesthetic.

  1. Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is another outstanding tower defense game from 2018. This is the latest game in the popular Kingdom Rush series and it plays like its predecessors. You set up towers and heroes along a path to defeat all of the bad guys. The game features a bunch of towers, 16 stages, 35 bad guys, 30 upgrades, and over 50 achievements. Yes, it also plays offline if you need it to. The base game goes for $4.99. There are optional in-app purchases for items to help you win various matches. There is no online multiplayer mode, though, so it’s not pay-to-win. It is exceptionally challenging, though.

  1. NBA Jam

NBA Jam is probably the best arcade sports game right now. It features two-on-two basketball. The rules are rather relaxed as well. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. The graphics aren’t amazing, but they are passable. The mechanics are mostly arcade style basketball. Thus, they are simple enough for a good mobile experience. It features local and online multiplayer, controller support, and more. The game also has a campaign mode to play through. You even get Android TV support along with support for hardware controllers. There is a lot here for $4.99. It also has no in-app purchases.

  1. Pocket City

Pocket City is a lot like Sim City. It’s a city-builder sim that acts basically the same way. You build roads, buildings, and basically everything else a city needs. Players frequently deal with good things like parties or bad things like massive fires. You have to make sure to achieve good balance in order to make money, level up, unlock more buildings, and unlock more land. The free version contains the base game with advertising. The premium version adds more features, a sandbox mode, and it removes advertising. This is one of the best city-builders on Google Play and it’s not only playable offline, but has no in-app purchases either. Score!

  1. The Room series

The Room is a series of outstanding puzzle games. They all have deep puzzles, outstanding graphics, and arcane story lines. The first three games feature puzzles strewn about a room. You solve them to escape the room. The fourth game takes place in a dollhouse and that’s a fun little experience. The earlier games are a little shorter, but multiple endings in the later games help replay value and game length. You can play any of them offline. However, you can’t use the cloud saving feature in The Room 3 and The Room: Old Sins while offline. They are also relatively inexpensive, have no in-app purchases, and have no advertising.

  1. Minecraft

Minecraft may not have story lines, but if you want the biggest bang for your buck then it’s probably this game. You can create whole worlds and play in them offline either in creative mode or survival where you can build stuff, mine stuff, kill bad guys, and do pretty much whatever you want. It’s not as big and immersive as the computer version but the developers have been closing the gap by adding things like Redstone for more unique building. It’s $6.99 with in-app purchases. The extra purchases are for player skins. Those who like the idea of Minecraft, but want a different experience, Terraria is also an offline game with similar mechanics.