It’s not weird to see that everyone is in competition to make a movie that looks really cool

There are many movies that are going to release with great cinematography over these years. If you think that superhero movies are produced by Marvel or DC, then you’re going to miss out many superhero movies from another production. Without further ado these are the top 10 action will be on 2019.

1.       The first superhero movie that came out in 16 January 2019 is glass. If you need the movie unbreakable and split created and directed night Shyamalan this is one of the best movie from him. This movie tell us about superheroes the first one is david dunn The unbreakable man, Elijah price the fragile and smart, And Kevin wendell crumb the 24 personality guy. This movie is a must watch for you guys Who wanted a great superhero movies from another great competitor of Marvel and DC.

2.       Captain marvel

Captain Marvel is released in 6 March 2019, This is one of the most waited movie from Marvel studio. Captain Marvel movie will be the first MCU movie that is the lead by a woman. Rumour said that the movie will tell the life of Carol Denvers before the avengers fighting with thanos.

3.       Shazam

Shazam will become the first decision with me on this year. After the successful of aquaman were brought in DC in 2018, they wanted to introduce another great superhero from the comic. They said that the superhero movie that is i they said that the superhero movie that is in spirit, inspiring and light to most people. You won’t see any alien invasion, throne, or even bloodthirsty gods. Shazam will bring DC to great new era

4.       Hellboy

Director Guillermo Del Toro will combine horror with dark comedy in this movie. Through his clips we can see that Hellboy will turned to Anung Un Rama. As well as the bloodthirsty queen, Namue, this movie will be signed as well as the story before in the comics

5.       Avengers endgame

This movie will be released in 24 April 2019, There are no doubt that avengers endgame will become the most superhero movie that is top rated. Because many of the fans want to see who will be back for the fight and will be dead and stay after the snap of Thanos. This movie also will be the final third phase in MCU

6.       Dark Phoenix

The movie will be released in fifth of July 2019. After the post down on November 2018, dark Phoenix will become the first fox movie under disney production. Also it will become the fourth X-men renake. The rumor said, this Simon Kinberg’s movie will be down to earth than the previous movies.

7.       Spiderman far from home

The movie will released in 4th of July, 30. After  avengers endgame released, the 4th phase kf MCU will starts with this movie. This sequel will bring Peter Parker’s around urope and meet with mysterio. No one knows that this movie will begin after the situation and game or will be not.

8.       The new mutants

When fans first watch the premiere clip, The new mutants will give us new perspective of the superhero movies. This Josh boone movie will tend to become a horror superhero movie. This movie production has been posted for a few times even after the reproduction many fans suggested that this movie will be best to see it on the streaming device.

9.       Joker

Joker movie will tell us the story about the clow of prince crime from the beginning. Inside this joaquin phoenix who act as arthur fleck who would end up as the first enemy of batman. Phoenix acted hard so the act as a joker is on the same level as the predecessor.

10.   Spawn

Different from the first spawn movie,  this reboot will be served differently because this version isn’t adapted from the original story. The story that’ll served will be different as it focused on the main character “Spawn”.

Those are the superhero movie that will released in 2019.