Today’s Game Industry perhaps saw the biggest variation it has ever seen before. Just a couple years ago, every game you saw on the market is a AAA-game published by big name. Some big game that come out this year like spiderman for PS4 , or perhaps multiplayer game that already have a big playerbase like CSGO, dominates the game’s market this year. However, there’s a hidden gem that is waiting to be uncovered behind those AAA-game. It’s called indie game


Indie Games manage to offer a lot of variety, and thus the market would never get saturated with same old genre recycled over and over. With the success of indie game like Undertale, and Five Night at Freddy, the indie game saw itself at their highest point right now. However, with so many variety, people tend to get confused on which indie games is the best one currently. Here’s a list of Top 10 best indie games on 2018


#10 Return of Obra Dinn

Don’t let the preview jaded your perception. Coming from the creator Papers, Please , comes a mystery game unlike the usual. While usual mystery game, have one predetermined truth, in Return of Obra Dinn, the player will be the one to determine what led to the disaster of Obra Dinn and its Crew. Here, player will have an intimate look at the last moment of the people on the Obra Dinn, and perhaps uncover something.


#9 Minit

Don’t have much time? This game is perhaps suitable for you. Minit is a simple 2D action RPG where you have to do as much as you can within 60 second. While that alone seems like its already a good concept, Minit is so much more than that. Minit offers a commentary on how we play the game, consuming it, and just society in general.


#8 The Messenger

Retro Games will always have a place in people’s heart, and the developer know about it. The Messenger is a tip-to-the-cap to the Retro Games, and it successfully make people crave for more Retro Games. Taking Ninja Gaiden with its main inspiration, The Messenger manage to deliver a beautiful visual, endearing storytelling, and an exciting gameplay.


#7 Into The Breach

Into The Breach is not your usual tactical game. Into the Breach requires you to have a precision and a resolute attitude on how you must do thing in this game. While doing one objective of the game is possible, completing all the objective of the game at the same times is perhaps nearly impossible. However, that’s what makes Into The Breach such a good game.


#6 Gris

One look at the visual of the game, and people will be entranced by it. Gris offers a visually stunning game with a contrasting color. Gris’s level design grows progressively more vivid, increasing its intricacy, as character movement start becoming part of the art on-screen, along with the story that sometimes can feel like a punch to the gut. Gris is somewhat a wounding experience, but also feels liberating.


#5 Florence

Florence is different from all the game on this list. The story of Florence is about a woman living her life, going through relationship, and growing up. The gameplay is really light, and one playthrough of it will only last few hours. However, within those few hours, Florence manage to offer an emotion impact with its concise, but still in-depth and beautiful story, just show how versatile gaming can be on mobile devices


#4 Dead Cells

Dead Cells offer a mix of rogue-like procedurally-generated level game with an element of progression. Each playthrough of Dead Cells will always be unique. The difference of this is up to the player to decide. Offering a really fluid 2D combat along with a really diverse group of enemy, Dead Cells manage to deliver a really fun game that can be played for a long time without player ever getting bored.

#3 Celeste

Celeste is a a really difficult but also, really charming platformer about a women that tries to find her true self while mountain climbing. Be warned, that it will not be an easy path, and you will die a lot along the way, but through your play, you will learn the story about Celeste’s struggle to accept herself and her failure, while still never giving up on her mission to climb the mountain.


#2 Below

It may take 5 years, but Below has finally arrived. While some people still argue about the rogue-like roots of Below, everyone agree that the concept of adventuring deeper and deeper is something exciting. Each level deeper is much deadlier and darker, that it just fueled player to explore even more. Through each death, there will be a cache that serve as reminder to future explorer of what lies below them and the cost to venture it


#1 Ashen

Ashen undeniably earned their spot as the best Indie Game of 2018. This late entry offers a refreshing take on a difficult, nearly impossible game, like Dark Souls. It embraces a positive thems about community and growth, and that optimism mixed with really compelling action and exploration, and also really immersive environment is what makes Ashen, The Best Indie Games of 2018