1. Microsoft Azure IoT

Developed by Microsoft to deliver a scalable and upgraded platform for IoT, Microsoft Azure is one of the topmost IoT platforms. This Microsoft offers a number of services like application services, messaging facility, virtual mechanisms, data storage services.


  1. Amazon Web Services

Owned by Amazon, Amazon Web services allow the users with hosting and management of services on the internet. This IoT platform offers a number of benefits for its customers including infrastructure management services, cloud-based data storage solutions, transfer of application and other content, and database management.


  1. Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform comes with various user-friendly features and is quite easy to use. It is one of the most popular IoT platforms and provides services such as a document-oriented database, cloud computing, and expandable NoSQL database systems. At the moment, it is the third largest IoT platform and powers Google analytics, machine intellect and more.


  1. ThingWorx

ThingWorx is an IoT platform, which is owned by PTC. This IoT platform allows the enables app developers in building a app that can be a trendsetter in the industry. On this platform, users get to enjoy easy connectivity across various devices, automated and quick analysis of complicated data and content, rapid data management solutions, and so on.


  1. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

IoT platform created by Cisco has mainly been designed for mobile operators. It offers services such as effective and efficient voice and data connectivity, proficient SIM lifecycle management, better IP session control, and improved and customizable billing and reporting system.


  1. SalesForce

The Salesforce is an on-demand Customer Relationship Management which provides suites for small and midsize enterprises with a focus on sales and support. The Cloud management of Salesforce is provided by Thunder which is focused on high speed and real-time decision making in the cloud. Its motive is to create more customer interactions.


  1. SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform for the internet of things comes equipped with whatever you need in order to build and manage an IoT application. The SAP platform offers an appropriate setting for the remote management and observation of all the devices that are connected with your IoT system. Devices located at a distant location can be connected through both ways, cloud service or directly.

  1. Oracle Internet of Things

Oracle is a worldwide software corporation which is known for its advanced solutions. Oracle IoT platform connects the company’s software to the real devices and their metrics. Oracle offers a flexible environment for building a app for the commercial purpose. It also helps in processing a large amount of data and content.

  1. Bosch IoT Suite

Bosch is It company based in Germany. It is based on open standards and open source, and always considers the main requirements of the projects that have connected devices and technologies.

  1. IBM Watson Internet of Things

The IBM IoT platform offers the services like proficient control of remote devices, secure and smooth data transmission and storage in the cloud system, and actual data exchange. IBM IoT also takes into consideration the latest technological developments and hence, it offers the choice of using the IoT information for the construction of AI applications and machine learning.