Indonesia is seen as needing to improve cyber security. Because, Indonesia is currently enjoying the development of the digital economy.

However, cyber crime still haunts. Therefore, this problem needs to be resolved so that the development of Indonesia’s digital economy can grow optimally. During 2018, Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara (BSSN) Agency recorded that there were 225.9 million cyber attacks occurring in Indonesia. As many as 40 percent of them fall into the category of Malware attacks. According to the Communication & Information Systems Security Research Center (CISSRec), this attack has cost the Indonesian economy up to Rp 400 trillion.

According to Sry Aprina, Team Leader of PT Virtus Technology Indonesia (VTI) for solutions in Network Security, the development of digital technology is now making the overall IT landscape more complex. “This complexity is certainly a challenge for business people in the IT field in Indonesia,” said Sry in his statement, Saturday (09/14/2019). Meanwhile, Ong Tee Kok, South East Asia Micro Focus Strategic Business Partner explained, businesses can implement Cyber ​​Security Threat Monitoring (CSTM) to prevent cyber crime. However, there are challenges with regard to implementing CSTM. “One of the challenges in building CSTM solutions is the substantial investment value in technology procurement, development of optimal operational processes, and procurement of human resources to operate them,” said Ong.

He said, often the constraints of limited human resource capabilities within the company caused CSTM to not be operated optimally. The Chief Technology Officer of Persada Indonesia’s Correlation technology service provider Paulus Tamba said that his company provided a CSTM platform that was easily applied. “Not only is it easy to apply, our subscription-based service system can also allow users to spend less capital and directly provide scheduled and situational report results for business infrastructure run by users,” he explained.

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