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Author: Zulfi Nurul Faizah

How to make short video in adobe premier english podcast- Zulfi Nurul Faizah

Hallo, my name is zulfi This time about the basic adobe premier pro. I will show “ How to be a short video”. The first thing you should pay attention to when opening premier is welcome page, from here you can open a previous video or create a new project. Klik new project Well, this is the display of the adobe premier. This is called the timeline, where you can edit videos. Everything you do will appear in the program. This is called project, here were the place videos and music show after being imported, above the project there is source. Import video to edit. Click file and click import , i will import one video and one music. If you double click the video it will appear in source . Here you will cut your video. Click mark in and click mark out, and then drag your video in timeline . You can also add others videos. Then, add the music and drag your music in timeline. Last is the eksport video, find where the video is finished. I want to the video stop here. Click right and click mark out. Klik file, eksport, media. If you are still beginner then follow me. Change the format to H.264. Inn video tab click match source. Changed bitrate encoding to CBR and changed target bitrate to 10. In audio tab...

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The blind men and the elephant – English Podcast – Zulfi Nurul Faizah

There were once six blind men who stood by the road-side every day, and begged from the people who passed. They had often heard of elephants, but they had never seen one; for, being blind, how could they? It so happened one morning that an elephant was driven down the road where they stood. When they were told that the great beast was before them, they asked the driver to let him stop so that they might see him. Of course they could not see him with their eyes; but they thought that by touching him they could learn...

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