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Author: Yudha Febri Rastuama

How to Start a Laravel Project

Laravel is a PHP framework that is very popular right now because it has various advantages compared to other frameworks. If you want to create a project using Laravel, here is short tutorial how to begin your project Make sure you have XAMPP. If you dont, just go to and choose version that fit to your operating system Make sure you have Composer. If you don’t just go to and follow the instruction Go to your XAMPP htdocs folder in your Terminal or Command Prompt Type “composer create-project –prefer-dist laravel/laravel project_name” then press enter Wait until the operation complete Type “php artisan serve” then press enter Open your browser, then type in address bar the address that shown in terminal (ussualy

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Number of Internet Users in Indonesia (2014-2018)

Now, almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost all of these devices are connected to the internet, but not only smartphone there are so many devices that can connect to internet such as: personal computer, smartwatch, some objects that apply Internet of Things, and many more. Indonesia with the 4th largest population in the world is also occupies the 7th largest internet user in the world with 31% of Indonesia’s population being active internet users. Based on the results of the APJI and Polling Indonesia survey the number of internet users in Indonesia in 2018 increased by 27.91 million to 171.18 million with Java is the largest area with active internet...

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