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Author: Wahyu Rizky Adi Pratama

How to Make Simple Vector Illustration with Adobe Illustrator CS6 English Podcast – Wahyu Rizky Adi Pratama Hy guys, i’m Wahyu and i will show you “How to Make Simple Vector Illustration with Adobe Illustrator CS6” Make the background with rectangle tool. Use the color as you want Lock the background Make an ellipse and put it at the corner of background Change the color of ellipse as you want Make the second ellipse and put it besides the first ellipse Make the second ellipse covered by the first ellipse make a tree with circle and rectangle tool Make the shadow of the tree make another tree Make a moon with circle (ellipse tool) Change the color of the moon Make the stars use scotter brush in brushes menu Use brush tool to draw the stars Put some comets in the sky with pen tool Export your illustration become Jpg file You can see the result on Video. Thanks for watching....

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YUKI-ONNA – ENGLISH PODCAST – WAHYU RIZKY ADI P In a village of Musashi Province, there lived two woodcutters: Mosaku and Minokichi. At the time of which I am speaking, Mosaku was an old man; and Minokichi, his apprentice, was a lad of eighteen years. Every day they went together to a forest situated about five miles from their village. On the way to that forest there is a wide river to cross; and there is a ferry-boat. Several times a bridge was built where the ferry is; but the bridge was each time carried away by a flood. No common bridge can resist the current...

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