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Author: Rizky Alamsyah Legowo

The Blind Men and the Elephant – English Podcast – Rizky Alamsyah L

[The SIX BLIND MEN stand by the roadside, begging. The DRIVER comes with his elephant.] BLIND MEN. A penny, sir! A penny! DRIVER (throwing pennies). There, and there, and there! Now out of the way with you! I must take my elephant by. FIRST BLIND MAN. I have never seen an elephant, sir. OTHER BLIND MEN. Nor I! Nor I! DRIVER. Do you know what he is like? BLIND MEN. No, sir! No, sir! DRIVER. Would you like to touch him? BLIND MEN. Yes! Yes! DRIVER. Come, then, and stand by him. FIRST BLIND MAN (placing hand on elephant's...

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