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Author: Reza Fauzi Augusdi

How to easily Access your Linux partition from Windows – Reza Fauzi Augusdi English Podcast

How to Mounting or Access your Linux partition from windows How to easily access Linux partition from windows partition manager. If you dual boot your computer with Windows and Linux, you’ll be able to access NTFS of FAT partition under Linux, but you cannot access Linux partition under windows. So if you need to mount/access Linux partition under windows without booting into Linux operating system, then you need to use third-party software to read & write Ext partition. Here we will use an open-source Linux file-system driver called Ext2Fsd which is solely made to bring Ext2/3/4 support in Microsoft Windows. With this, you can automatically mount Ext partitions on Microsoft Windows. With this, you can automatically mount Ext partitions on boot or mount just when you need. Tools : Linux Operating System Windows Operating System Ext2Fsd The tutorial is : Download Ext2Fsd from While installing, mark “Make Ext2Fsd automatically started when system boots” and hit Next and finish the setup. It will auto-start Ext2Fsd driver with Windows from next reboot. Start Ext2Fsd Volume Manager. With this, you can set mount point and settings. To assign a volume latter, double-click on the partition ( or choose the partition and select Tools > Ex2 Volume Management ), enable “Mountpoint for fixed disk” and assign a drive letter. Hit Apply On next reboot of windows, you will see your desired Linux...

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Top 10 System Design Interview Question For Software Engineers English Podcast- Reza Fauzi Augusdi

Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarokatuh, My Name is Reza Fauzi Augusdi, from Informatics Engineering “Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya” I’ll gonna be telling you about, TOP 10 SYSTEM DESIGN INTERVIEW QUESTION FOR SOFTWARE ENGINEERS Designing Large Scale Distributed Systems has become the standard part of the software engineering interviews. Engineers struggle with System Design Interviews (SDIs), primarily because of the following two reasons: 1.Their lack of experience in developing large scale systems. 2.Unstructured nature of SDIs. Even engineers who’ve some experience building large systems aren’t comfortable with these interviews, mainly due to the open-ended nature of design problems that don’t have a standard answer. A great performance in SDIs is highly rewarding since it reflects upon your ability to work with complex systems and translates into the position and compensation (salary & stocks) that the interviewing company will offer you. And These all are the most frequently asked questions to the things that interviewers want you to consider while designing the system. LET’S CHECK THIS OUT Design / TinyURL (a URL shortening service) How to generate a unique ID for Each URL? How would you generate unique IDs at scale (thousand of URL shortening request coming every second) How would your service handle redirects? How would you support a custom short URL? How to delete expired URL? How to track click stats? Design youtube/Netflix/twitch (a global video streaming) How would you record...

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A Horseman in the Sky-English Podcast-Reza Fauzi Augusdi

A Horseman in the Sky My Story is called, “A Horseman in the Sky.”  It was written by Ambrose Bierce. Here is Reza Fauzi with the story. Narrator: Carter Druse was born in Virginia. He loved his parents, his home and the south. But he loved his country, too. And in the autumn of eighteen sixty-one, when the United States was divided by a terrible civil war, Carter Druse, a southerner, decided to join the Union Army of the north. He told his father about his decision one morning at breakfast. The older man looked at his only son...

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