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Author: Ranu Arga Noor Yuusufa

How to Make a Mockup With Pencil – English Podcast – Ranu Arga

Hello everyone, my name is Ranu Arga and here I will tell you how to make a mockup with Pencil. Here’s the step: 1. Install Pencil on your PC. You can install it on MacOs, Windows or Linux. 2. Open your application and you will be redirected to the main page. 3. Choose Stencil template that you want to use, you can also download it from Collection Repository. In this tutorial, I will use the Material Mobile Mockup Stencil from Collection Repository. 4. Create a new document. 5. You can edit your page properties like Page Title, Size, and...

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Top 10 Chrome Extensions – English Podcast – Ranu Arga

Chrome is a great browser, but Chrome’s real power is the huge library of add-ons with many functions. Chrome Web Store is full with many extensions that will make a difference to your everyday browsing. That’s why we’ve put together the top 10 Chrome extensions. 1.¬†Lazarus: Form Recovery We know the feeling when you spent many times filling in an online form, then you press the submit button but you’ve got an error. When you click back everything has been erased. Lazarus: Form Recovery¬†helps you to solve this problem. The typed data can be encrypted and stored locally on...

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The Little Match Girl – English Podcast – Ranu Arga Most terribly cold it was; it snowed, and was nearly quite dark, and evening– the last evening of the year. In this cold and darkness there went along the street a poor little girl, bareheaded, and with naked feet. When she left home she had slippers on, it is true; but what was the good of that? They were very large slippers, which her mother had hitherto worn; so large were they; and the poor little thing lost them as she scuffled away across the street, because of two carriages that rolled by dreadfully fast. One slipper was...

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