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Author: Angga Pradipta Kurnia P.

How To Install Visual Style in Windows 10 – English Podcast – Angga Pradipta

Video : Direct Download Link | Stream A tutorial on how to install visual style in Windows 10 (64 bit). Disclaimer : I take no responsibility for anyone that doesn’t follow the instructions properly and bricks their setup We can install Windows 10 Visual Style by doing these steps Make a restore point in case if something gone wrong Take ownership of these files in C:\Windows\system32 (uxtheme.dll, UXInit.dll, themeui.dll). Install (as admin) latest version of UltraUXThemePatcher , run it. The modification should work now Then place the appropriate theme files according to your Windows Version into your Windows/Resources/Themes folder...

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Top 10 PHP Frameworks – English Podcast – Angga Pradipta

Video Link : 1. Laravel Laravel is the most popular PHP framework right now. It is popular because it can handle complex web applications securely and at faster pace than other frameworks. Laravel has many features that make rapid application development possible. Reasons to use Laravel Laravel is suitable when developing applications with complex backend requirements, whether small or large. Laravel can be easily developed with the pre-packaged Homestead bundle with Vagrant. It’s a PHP framework full of features that will help you customize complex apps. Laravel has many built in features such as templating engine called Blade, local development environment caled Homestead, advanced routing system, and many more. Laravel is highly expressive, and its speed and security are in line with expectations for a modern web application. For developers who want to websites that will evolve with changing web trends, Laravel is the way to go. Laravel is widely known for its ease to use and virtually no learning curve. Despite that, Laravel is a framework for some serious work. So it may seem like a simple tool at first, but it’s a beast when it comes to producing concrete work.   2. CodeIgniter CodeIgniter is one of the oldest frameworks but is simple and powerful. It can easily be installed and requires minimal user configuration. It works perfectly on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms....

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The Emperor’s New Clothes – English Podcast- Angga Pradipta   The Emperor’s New Clothes By Hans Christian Andersen   Many years ago, there was an Emperor who was so very fond of new clothes that he spent all his money on them. He did not trouble about his soldiers. He did not care to go to the theatre. He only went out when he had the chance to show off his new clothes. He had a different suit for each hour of the day. Most kings could be found sitting in council. It was said of the Emperor, “He is sitting in his wardrobe.” One day, two...

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