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Author: Nadya Deanty Aisha

How To Edit Photo in Lightroom App – English Podcast – Nadya Deanty Aisha

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb. My name is Nadya Deanty Aisha I’m student of Multimedia Broadcasting I want to tell you about how to edit picture in lightroom. Before that, I want to tell you that lightroom is great for you when you need to edit out some picture that you have. Keep in mind that in this tutorial I just show you my style in editing that may not be your style. But let me tell you how I usually edit my photo. First, you open App store for Apple user and Play store for Android user with keyword “Adobe Lightroom CC” Wait until the app installed Open the Adobe Lightroom CC Next, you can import your photo with select “picture with + symbol” in the bottom right of your screen After that, you can choose picture that you want to edit. In the bottom side. There is many option for you to choose your editing style. All option is have part again. You can see per option You can choose light, color, Its up to you because editing is from our soul. After you done with your editing. You can see before after of your photo with tap and hold the screen on your photo to see. And then tap the check button between arrow and cloud symbol on the top right corner of your screen You can choose...

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Top 10 Online Marketplace for Graphic Design – English Podcast – Nadya Deanty Aisha

B7AA5465-5005-48F7-93C6-DF90EB16395F 1. GraphicRiver (graphicriver.nket) GraphicRiver is the best marketplace for premium design templates and stock graphics so you can use graphicriver for designing fonts, logos, prints, websites, business cards or icons.   Shutterstock ( Shutterstock is a recognized stock photography agency that provides businesses and individuals with quality visual materials ranging from photographs and illustrations to vectors, videos and even music. Hatchwise ( This crowdsource marketplace for designers allows buyer to launch a design project with a specific budget and detailed design brief. The project then lands among the community of designers on Hatchwise. Contest holders can review among hundreds of custom-made designs and pick the one they like best. DesignCrowd ( This graphic design marketplace connects creatives with business in need of quality design. Companies can outsource or crowdsource projects to thousands of designers around the world. Wow you can imagine how cool they are Art Web ( This ecommerce site specializes in selling art ya or you creation including plenty of fantastic digital art – to buyers located all over the world. If you’re looking for unique digital art pieces, this is a spot for you. Designhill ( Designhill is an online platform that allows buyers who need great graphic design to run design contests and get plenty of interesting submissions in a short time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for someone to design a logo...

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The Old Man Made Young Again – English Podcast – Nadya Deanty

At the time when our Lord still walked this earth, he and St. Peter stopped one evening at a smith’s and received free quarters. Then it came to pass that a poor beggar, hard pressed by age and infirmity, came to this house and begged alms of the smith. St. Peter had compassion on him and said, Lord and master, if it please you, cure his torments that he may be able to win his own bread. The Lord said kindly, smith, lend me your forge, and put on some coals for me, and then I will make this...

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