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Author: Inayah Surya Islami

Top 10 IT Companies with Most Difficult Interview in Indonesia – English Podcast – Inayah Surya Islami

10 IT Companies with Most Difficult Interview in Indonesia     As we all know, these past years, in 2019 is the year of Industrial revolution 4.0, which is the year of IT or technologies. The IT industry is growing super fast, it cant be denied, even in Indonesia too. From so many industries that are sought after by fresh graduates, these are the companies that might be the giant of IT industry in Indonesia. so here’s the problem, the bigger the company is, the more competition there will be. So lets start the topic   10. TELKOMSEL Telkomsel Deliver mobile digital services and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations, create value for our stakeholders, and support the economic development of the nation. As its vision to “Be a world-class, trusted provider of mobile digital lifestyle services and solutions.”   9. ERICSSON Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers, with about 40% of the world’s mobile traffic carried through their networks. They enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adopt and scale, making their customers successful in a fully connected world. For more than 140 years, Ericsson ideas, technology and people have changed the world: real turning points that have transformed lives, industries and society as a whole.  ...

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Hamlet – English Podcast – Inayah Surya Islami

HAMLET – William Shakespeare   Many years ago in Denmark there was a prince called Hamlet. One day Hamlet’s father, the king, dies suddenly and Hamlet is very sad. After this, Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, gets married again very quickly. She marries her husband’s brother, Claudius, and Claudius is now the king! “Aargh! How could you do this to me!” One night Hamlet’s friend, Horatio, tells him that there is a ghost in the castle. It is the ghost of Hamlet’s father! “Claudius killed me with poison! Hamlet, you must punish Claudius for me!” Hamlet is confused. He doesn’t know if he believes the ghost and he doesn’t know what to do. Hamlet now acts very strangely. He is mean and angry, and he upsets his girlfriend, Ophelia. “Go away! Leave me alone!” “Oh, he is so mean!” One day a group of actors come to the castle and Hamlet makes a plan. He asks the actors to change their play. The new play will show a king poisoned like Hamlet’s father. “With this play I will catch the king.” When Claudius watches the play he looks very worried and runs away. Hamlet sees him and he knows the truth. Claudius is very worried about Hamlet now and makes a plan with Ophelia’s brother, Laertes. “You will fight him and we will put poison on the sword and in his...

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