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Author: Ilham Sugeng Prayogi

My Top 10 Best Game for PlayStation 2 English Podcast – Ilham Sugeng Prayogi My Top 10 Video Game for Playstation 2   Hello everyone, my name is Ilham Sugeng Prayogi, this time I will give a list of the 10 best games ever released for the PlayStation 2 console, this list is subjective from my experience playing PlayStation 2 games, so what are you waiting for, let’s start     Gran Turismo 4 There are lots of racing games circulating for the PlayStation 2 console, and each series has its own characteristics. One of the most famous racing game series and becoming a racing game icon for the PlayStation console is Gran Turismo, a series that has been around since the PS1 became a very phenomenal game and different from other racing games. In this fourth series, Gran Turismo offers a more realistic racing game gameplay where it is the advantage and uniqueness of this series that relies heavily on this Racing Simulation. More roasting from cars that can be used also, the career mode system that is also made more realistic makes this game a racing game that is very complete and of course, the most realistic of its time. Silent Hill 2 A horror game that is very famous with Psychological Horror is a series that has a very large fanbase, and what makes the name of this game so big is the second series of the title Silent...

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A Horsemen in The Sky – English Podcast – Ilham Sugeng Prayogi

One sunny afternoon in the autumn of the year 1861 a soldier lay in a clump of laurel by the side of a road in western Virginia. He lay at full length upon his stomach, his feet resting upon the toes, his head upon the left forearm. His extended right hand loosely grasped his rifle. But for the somewhat methodical disposition of his limbs and a slight rhythmic movement of the cartridge-box at the back of his belt he might have been thought to be dead. He was asleep at his post of duty. But if detected he would be dead shortly afterward, death being the just and legal penalty of his crime. The clump of laurel in which the criminal lay was in the angle of a road which after ascending southward a steep acclivity to that point turned sharply to the west, running along the summit for perhaps one hundred yards. There it turned southward again and went zigzagging downward through the forest. At the salient of that second angle was a large flat rock, jutting out northward, overlooking the deep valley from which the road ascended. The rock capped a high cliff; a stone dropped from its outer edge would have fallen sheer downward one thousand feet to the tops of the pines. The angle where the soldier lay was on another spur of the same...

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