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Author: Bazliah Agvyan Dearni

How to create database in Microsoft Access

Name : Bazliah Agvyan D Nrp : 2103181028 kelas : 2 D3 IT A                 step : Open microsoft access Click an icon, such as Blank Database, or any database template. When you click a template, a window appears; you see a preview of your template. Click in the File Name text box and type a descriptive name for your database. If you click the folder icon that appears to the right of the File Name text box, you can open a dialog box that will let you define a specific drive and folder in which to store your database file. Click the Create button to create your database file.Access displays a blank database. Click view, and click view design Type a name for your field (such as Name , address, and number). The field name we fill with first name And than click the data type In data type have many type of data in the data type, which is often used is short text, longtext,number,date/time. Short text is used for alfa numeric , for exmaple (name, address) Number : The Number data type can be used to store numeric data that will be used for mathematical calculation processes (for example reducing, adding, multiplying and dividing a number) Data type Data / time used for data that is of type date,...

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Increase of whatsapp user

  Whatsapp is almost the same as sms that you normally use on old mobile phone. But whatsapp use pulses, but rather internet data. now whatsapp is very populer because whatsapp has many features. show number worldwide rose april 2013 to february 2016, and now whatsapp reaches millions of user. the chart show about the number of monthly data and monthly active whatsapp user worldwide from april 2013 to february 2016. each month increased mostly 50 to 100 hundred. The conclusion is whatsapp increase april 2013 to february 2016 because whatsapp has many...

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