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Author: Ardian Kristya Pratama

How to make CRUD in web easily using yii generator

How to make CRUD easily with yii advanced framework generator Requirements: 1. A web server with php 5 or above: 2. Database (using xampp mysql) 3. Composer: 4. Yii advanced (in cmd after installing composer) : composer create-project –prefer-dist yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced yii-application Steps: 1. Download and install all the requirements 2. Create the database 3. Install and start yii advanced framework 4. Create a model from the database using yii generator 5. Create a CRUD based on the model using yii generator 6. Create a button to access CRUD   created by: Ardian Kristya P / 2110171055 / 2 D4 IT B video link: video download...

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Top 10 Code Editors for Web Designers English Podcast – Ardian Kristya P

Top 10 Code Editors for Web Designers to Improve Your Workflow 2018 Although nowadays a lot of Web Designers are already working using visual tools, there are still some things that need or easier to be done using some front-end coding and tooling, because of that not everything in a web design can be done using a visual tool; even though that seems to be changing vastly. Keeping that in mind, what we are going to show today are the top 10 best code editors for web designers, these apps are listed for their flexibility and configuration easiness suited for your most comfortable code writing environment.   10. ICEcoder ICEcoder stands out by being one of the only browser code editors that you can use either online or offline. The ability to edit code directly in the browser is appealing because of how much flexibility it brings towards live testing your code and experiencing the design growth as it happens, in real-time. Themes, code hints, database management and so many other features that will be appealing to both developers and designers alike. TextMate TextMate, although limited only to OS X users, is one of the most comprehensive text/code editors on the market right now. TextMate is not seen as an IDE, but thanks to its snippets, and macros features — it has become a great substitute for those designers and...

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One Summer Night by Ambrose Bierce

The fact that Henry Armstrong was buried did not seem to him to prove that he was dead: he had always been a hard man to convince. That he really was buried, the testimony of his senses compelled him to admit. His posture — flat upon his back, with his hands crossed upon his stomach and tied with something that he easily broke without profitably altering the situation — the strict confinement of his entire person, the black darkness and profound silence, made a body of evidence impossible to controvert and he accepted it without cavil. But dead — no; he was only very, very ill. He had, withal, the invalid’s apathy and did not greatly concern himself about the uncommon fate that had been allotted to him. No philosopher was he — just a plain, commonplace person gifted, for the time being, with a pathological indifference: the organ that he feared consequences with was torpid. So, with no particular apprehension for his immediate future, he fell asleep and all was peace with Henry Armstrong. But something was going on overhead. It was a da rk summer night, shot through with infrequent shimmers of lightning silently firing a cloud lying low in the west and portending a storm. These brief, stammering illuminations brought out with ghastly distinctness the monuments and headstones of the cemetery and seemed to set them dancing. It...

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