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Author: Andrew Anggada

Getting Started with Flutter

So in this video you will learn about to make a fresh flutter project and run it on your android/ios devices let me explain the step by step: (in this tutorial i’m going to explain the Windows step using Visual Studio Code) make sure that you’ve downloaded Flutter SDK after downloaded the SDK, put them somewhere then open …/Flutter/bin/ and copy these directory open control panel>system>advanced system setting>environment variables then look at the path, add new path and paste the copied directory earlier there open Visual Studio Code (you can use Android Studio or IntelliJ) click on extensions, download Flutter extensions then restart the VSCode then do CTRL+SHIFT+P click on Flutter new Project, and then type the project name wait for the setup then plug your phone and enable the USB Debugging (click here to see how) then press F5 on your VS Code to run the app the Main class is generated at /[project_name]/lib/main.dart press R to hot reload and SHIFT+R to hot restart and Q to quit the debug that’s it! Yeah! That’s it! It’s easy right? If you need more reference to learn the Flutter, then i’d like to recommend you to open the documentations pages! because there is a lot of useful information when you read the documentations. well, That’s it! Happy...

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Birth and Mortality comparison between Japan and Indonesia

Birth rate and mortality rate is one thing that can affected the density of country, like in Indonesia we can see that the country is very dense especially at Java island. That problem is caused by the high birth rate and low mortality rate, and this problem causes a lot of problems for the country. But Japan is different, the birth rate in japan is very low yet the mortality rate is also low, this case is also leading to another problem, like if they did not care about that, it will cause their country extinct or the country will be recognized as a group of people instead of country. Now let’s see the diagram on the video. As we can see there was a significant contrast between Indonesia’s birth rate and mortality rate and Japan’s birth rate and mortality rate. Today, is the Japan lowest rate, and Indonesia also at the lowest point too, because Indonesia’s government trying to control the birth rate with “Keluarga Berencana”, this program is to limit each family that maximum only have 2 child at maximum so the birth rate can be more stable, and Japan also has a lot of privilege for those who want to has child like subsidy, insurance, free school and so The conclusion is having too much or too low birth rate is not a good idea for...

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