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by Wahyu Puji Ramadhan

Shortly after it was announced, the PeduliLindungi application to track the spread of Covid-19 can now be downloaded via the site address at pedulilindungi.id

PeduliLindungi is an application from the Ministry of Communication and Information which is presented as an effort to reduce the corona virus outbreak in Indonesia.

How it works relies on community participation to share location data on the go so that contact tracing with Covid-19 sufferers can be done

According to information stated on its website, the PeduliLindungi application will collect the required data from the user’s mobile while activating a Bluetooth connection.

When there are other gadgets in the Bluetooth range that are also registered in PeduliLindungi apps, there will be an exchange of information recorded by each device.

Furthermore, PeduliLindungi apps will identify people who have been in close proximity to people who tested positive for Covid-19 or PDP (Patients Under Supervision) and ODP (People in Supervision).

“This will greatly help the compilation of this person unable to remember his trip and with whom he made contact,” reads a statement on the PeduliLindung site.

Having previously been in the form of an APK installation file, PeduliLindung is now available on the Google Play Store.

When first installed, this apps will ask for the user’s full name and mobile number. Then, this application also requires access to location services (GPS) and Bluetooth devices.

The makers of this application guarantee the confidentiality of personal data that is called stored in an encrypted format and will not be shared with others.

“Your data will only be accessed if you are at risk of contracting COVID-19 and need to be contacted immediately by a health worker,” continued the statement on its website

There is still no information when the PeduliLindungi application will be available for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

A few days ago, the Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate had said that the PeduliLindungi application will be present on Android and iOS in the near future.

“Hopefully Tuesday or Wednesday it will be on the Google Play Store and next on the Apps Store,” said Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G Plate, via text message to KompasTekno, Friday (3/27/2020).