Hello back with Sheila Mita in my Podcast. Today, I will tell you about Some Tips To Be A Good Radio Announcer for you who are interested in becoming a good radio announceryou can try it.

Some Tips To Be A Good Radio Announcer.

  1. Preparation

To be a good announcer you will need to prepare yourself. Clealy, there is the preparation related to the speech itself, which involves from a clear pronounciation to knowing how to control breathing and maintain a good diction. But there is also the daily preparation, which goes beyond the voice: it refers to your routine on the air.

A good announcer must be ready for what will occur in the program. Therefore, arriving early and interacting with the subjecs and schedule of the day is essential and indispensable.

To do so, see the tips below:

– Know beforehand the sequence of songs which will be played;

– Find out about possible interviewees;

– Be aware of the news.

As you can see, preparing to be a good announcer can begin well before when you will be on the air.

2. Know how to improvise

A good announcer needs to speak natural and this can require the aid of improvising on many occasions. There are situations in which things do not go as planned and you will have to act alone.

Whether due to last-minute news, an error or even an awkward answer of an interviewer. Opportunities will not be lacking requiring you to be streetwise.

Therefore, try to create situations in which you need to speak about random issues and find information about subjects which you do not know. Thus, you will be able to be a better professional every day.

3. Keep yourself updated

Being aware of what is happening in the city, country and world will enable you to be able to make knowledgeable comments about events.

4. Use a simple language

Remember that you are on a radio station. People will pay attantion to what you say, and you need to ensure that they can understand you clearly, so that the information comes without noises.

5. Execute Oral Exercise

Doing exercises which aid in maintaining the voice clear are essential to being a good announcer. This is because they will avoid injury to your vocal cords.

Performing well when you are recording the program is much more than speaking well. Try to be at ease and control anxiety, if you are live broadcasting.

6.    Have a good performance on the air

Therefore, it is important to breathe well and remain relaxed. Being prepared will aid you in feeling more confidente and, consequently have a better performance when you are working.

Misuse of language, using words or expressions repeatedly.

7.    Avoid misuse of language

Some examples are:

– Right;
– Isn’t it;
– Ah;
– Like that;
– So.

Okay up here first we will continue next time. Sorry if there is a word wrong . thanks for your attention

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