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One day we’ll look back and remember the days when we needed keys to enter our home or had to manually turn thermostats up and down.

This will likely end, thanks to smartphones. There are a number of Wi-Fi-enabled innovations that can help you control the inner workings of your home with the tap of an app. Even more hands-off are the latest crop of devices that are voice-controlled, allowing you to perform tasks like preheat an oven or turn your lights on and off just by saying a simple sentence. Think of them as home goods 2.0.

Google Home

Meet your newest at-home assistant. Google Home is an voice-controlled device that can answer questions for you, give real-time weather and traffic updates, play music from services like YouTube and Google Play Music, and even add items to your grocery list. And coming soon : hands-free calling. The device’s functionality, along with its speaker, make it among the top performing voice-controlled assistants on the market.

Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation

Nest products top the Amazon No.1 best-selling smart home list, with items such as its Outdoor Security Camera and its Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. That said, the brand’s highest-rated device is actually its 3rd Generation Thermostat, which is compatible with Amazon Alexa. The device learns as it goes, picking up on your preferred temperatures and lifestyle. In about a week of using it, the thermostat becomes self-programming, based on your typical behaviors. More noteworthy is the fact that the Nest Thermostat can turn itself off when nobody is home to help cut your costs. And because of that, it was the first thermostat to be awarded an Energy Star, an accreditation that the US Environmental Protection Agency gives to business that help save people money and protect the climate at the same time. Making your home smarter and greener sounds like win-win to us.


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