Internet of Things (IoT) devices are predicted to become more widespread in 2020. Along with that, the need for WiFi router devices to connect./ IoT devices wirelessly to the internet will increase. At least so according to Biko Yoshia Sirus, as Marketing Manager of TP-Link Indonesia, when found on the sidelines of the “Welcome WiFi 6” event held in Jakarta, Tuesday (03/12/2020).
“In 2020, the trend is towards IoT,” Biko said to KompasTekno. He said, in addition to the scope of the company, in the home environment there will also be various kinds of devices with different uses. For example, a father may enjoy watching on Smart TV, while the children actually enjoy watching their favorite shows on the cellphone screen, then other family members, who are still under one roof, can use IoT devices such as IP cameras (CCTV) to monitor the state of the house, and other devices in a smart home. The consumer segment has now grown so that its needs have become more diverse than before, such as home consumers who now also include gamers demanding high wireless network performance, TP-Link also on that occasion introduced several types of WiFi router products that are suitable for gamers. others are aimed at home consumers in general.
“There are gamers, some are social media and housewives. Well, later on from these segments each has its own needs,” said Biko. “The challenge now is how to present a solution that meets the needs of the IoT era,” he concluded.
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