Hello friends!

So in this video I’m going to tell you an application that will help you create an application and not take up a lot of storage space for your laptop or computer, so this will really help you if your adroid studio is too heavy and requires a lot of RAM so I suggest that you that might be your laptop which has low RAM so I recommend you to use the VSCode application.

1. Open any browser installed on your PC.
2. Type in the search bar and find fxsound free downloads.
3. Click the first link that appears.
4. Click on Download Now.
5. Save in whatever directory you like, click save.
6. Close your browser and then click on file explorer and look for settings for the downloaded application.
7. Click on the settings application and then complete installation,
8. If you have clicked / opened the VSCode application that has been downloaded, then follow the red box in the image click Next.
9. Then select “I accept the agreement” to approve the policies from VSCode then click Next.
10. Then click Next again, it’s just the placement of the program file directory, then Next to create the folder, then check “Create Desktop Icon” if you want to create the VSCode shortcut then check “Add to PATH (available after restart) if you click Next.
11. Then click Install wait until “Setup has finished installing Visual Studio Code on your computer”, then click Finish.