Website is part of our daily life right now. Everyday millions of devices that connected to the internet open their browser to looking for information, connect with their friends or just for entertainment. Things that not everybody knows about the website is, behind a great interface of the website, many of them was build from a great framework known as Front End Framework. Currently, there is a dozens of open source front end framework in the world, some of them is used by more than millions of website. There was a 3 biggest frontend framework right now. The first one was React, initial release at May, 2013 the framework that authored, baked and used by Facebook success to be most used Framework in 2019. And the second one was Angular, it is authored by Google, at the beginning this framework was called angularjs, initial release at October, 2010 and then team decided to change the name to Angular 2 or just angular right that announced at April 2015. And the third  was VueJS. instead of authored by big technology company vue was authored by Evan you, ex google employee that was used of AngularJS in his projects. Please watch my presentation video if you interested about their journey on the web programming.