I wanna tell you about how to quality control your Android phone by a dial code
Now tap the call icon on your device
Now dial *#*#64663, this numbers actually different fore some phone, in this case i am using xiaomi redmi 6. In some xiaomi phones the dial code are same, so if you are using redmi 6 or another xiaomi phones this code could be work, or you can google the quality control dial code for your phone. Now end the code with #*#*

The interface can be different depending on version of your Android device. To start the quality control fully you could tap on autotest, but this time i will tell you several of the test.
Now, i will tell you on keypad and vibratory test. This time you should answer that your device vibrate or not. You also need to test your volume up, down, and power button. If it is correct, you can tap on pass.
Now, i will try on LCD. This time you just need to tap the screen to pass. Then you press pass again
Next is touch panel. This time you need to tap and drag your finger along the red rectangle. Just follow the line and don’t hit the red border. The you can tap on pass button.
Next is light test. You tap and check your power led, flashlight, and backlight wether its turned on or off.
You can also calibrate and test some sensor on your phone just like accelerometer. To calibrate accelerometer you just need place your phone on a flat surface and tap calibrate. After its calibrated you can tap on pass.
Next you can test on your proximity sensor. To calibrate proximity sensor you need to place object over the proximity sensor. The sensor is usually at the top of your phone. And then you can press tap on pass.
The last thing, i will tell you about the fingerprint sensor. In this case on redmi 6 that i use, have a fingerprint sensor. Try to tap your finger on fingerprint sensor and then you can tap on pass.
In this whole quality control you can tap fail if you can not pass some of the quality control. All of the quality control that you have passed will be checklisted wether it is success or not.
That is all of the quality control that i wanna tell you. Again, this call code is not working on all on Android device, you need to search the dial code for your type of Android device. That’s it for now.
I hope you like and enjoy this video. And see you on the next time.