TOP 10 Best Video Games of 2018.

These are the games that already set our eyes to the screen for the entire year of 2018. Hello my name is Unca here are some of top 10 best video games of 2018.

2018 has been absolute roller coaster of the year, especially for video games industry where there’s so much new games and even remake games being made by small indie developer to massive publisher company. For this list I looking for the absolute greatest tittle of this year that I can fit all of game that I really loves their awesomeness, I think this list can stand the test of time. As appreciation for the new tittles, I will not including any remakes, remaster, or enhanced ports of any kind.

So, here we go.

Number 10, Far Cry 5. The latest entry of this long-running Ubisoft Franchise wasn’t just really fun experience. It’s changed up their open-world format for the better. There’s enough optional task, quest,weapon, enemy, and even vehicle in this fictional hope County Montana to keep gamers finishing the stories and having fun with the game after it. While many fans and gamer critics the game story’s line that feels little bit flat and dull, the gameplay was become the sell point of the game. Liberating the outpost, messing with the local wildlife, and blowing shit up still there and always be there for entertaining the fans. Check the game out if you interested!

Number 9, Dead Cells. This game mixed up between roguelike dungeon crawler and metroidvania action-adventure made a lot of gamers take notice during his time in early access which make its release very successful for fans of the dark souls series, and those who looking for a challenge this is a 2D action er that just cannot be missed as a literal collection of dead cells gamers where player procedurally generated levels fighting the undead within while collecting cells that are used as an currency to level up character so they can beat many level up there. But there’s some upset indicator in this game where you are dead and need to start from the beginning again.

Number 8, Subnautica. This is an open-world adventure slash survivor games unlike many games that we can found in the overcrowded genre nowadays. Like I said before, we play as survivor managing resources, building something, and even hunt many monster in the deep sea to gain many resources and information while exploring the vast alien ocean. The game story is surprisingly engaging and compelling especially given how its conveyed to the player. Trust me, this is the greatest survival game of the year.

Number 7, Assasin’s Creed Odyssey. After the reboot of Assasin’s Creed series by origin, the franchise took a leap forward in terms of gameplay and visual upgarades that has been wanted by player and fans for a long time, making the game become one of their greatest tittle of Assasin’s Creed after the Unity one.  Odyssey even moves toward role-playing more than his predecessor that feels crucially important to the story and environments. Their open-world is also on point, making player having unique experience by playing as Alexios or Kassandra.

Number 6, Marvel’s Spiderman. The game series of our favorite marvel’s hero finally comeback to the surface with amazing graphics, gameplay, and even stories that almost make this game won the game of the year at last year award. Swinging through the streets of New York City as Spidey has never felt better and playing as Peter Parker was also satisfying due to his relatable story and many small puzzle that changed up the game pace. Not to mention the battle system that look like a cutscene and feels realistic on some point. Now get out of your seat and save the city!

Number 5, Monster Hunter : World. Capcom long-running monster hunting series finally touch the open-world system with awesome multiplayer mode. With support of the newest engine, the game become what its fans wanted. Chasing down the monster, looting their corpses, and upgrading your character not gonna be this fun even though the circle gonna be repeat by exploring the massive open-world map and chasing new monster that never been found by other player before. The difficulties has been decreased for new comer player so all of people around the world still can enjoyed the game.

Number 4, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The newest version of Nintendo’s hit crossover fighter is not only popular in Japan but also around the world. The selection of character is absolutely huge and contains every returning character that has been moved out from the last tittle of series. The gameplay also become more faster and technical than before making it great for competitive play and also the return of single player mode making player become more engaging with the game by playing over and over to unlock many new character and items.

Number 3, Celeste. Who says graphic are everything? This pixel’s game contains super tight gameplay, fantastic soundtrack, and deeply original story. Celeste become the best 2D platformer games by checking the three important aspects of the game. Playing as Madeline who struggled to climb the Celeste mountain while dealing with her anxiety issues and inner demons is an emotional journey that we weren’t expecting on this colourful games. The well-designed stages really nailed the game’s theme of overcoming adversity and challenge player to finish it.

Number 2, God of war. Sony original reboot’s of God of War franchise always become miraculous thing in game industries. After all this game made us fall in love with Kratos again after many years of making him highly unlikeable angry character backed by Norse mythology. This time, God of War tells a tender dynamic tale of Kratos and Atreus emotional journey about father and son, love and loss, and new beginning. The gameplay also awesome with tighter combat and jaw-dropping norse world to uncover.

Number 1, Red Dead Redemption 2. What would a best of the year list be without the latest offering from Rockstar games? We don’t know nor would we care to find out. This game is everything that GTA isn’t, slow-paced realistic and highly precise but it’s also everything that we love from Rockstar. Grand in scope and structure incredibly innovative and it’s a ton of fun to play. The story was the one of the best that can make us laughing, loving, and even crying. Not to mention their awesome AI for NPC.

Do you agree with my picks? That was all of top 10 best video games of 2018. Thanks for watching.