If people talk about photo editing programs on PC devices, many of them have their minds fixed on Adobe Photoshop. Fair enough because this program is indeed quite famous. Starting from the initial series, CS series, and now the CC series, this application continues to grow and is successful in the market. Although this application is also often hijacked, this application is still the most popular edit and design application and is widely used by professionals.

PaintShop Pro has reached the 2018 series. In this series, this application offers better capabilities. No wonder this application is the choice for professional photographers other than Photoshop. Maybe in the near future, this application can be a tough rival for Adobe Photoshop CC. Moreover, software that has the ability to edit photos and graphics has a cheaper price compared to Photoshop, which is $ 63.99 or around Rp. 800-thousands for one license forever.

If asked, what photo editing application on a computer is free and is equivalent to Photoshop? Then the Caris signal will answer GIMP. This open source a program that is highly recommended for designers and photographers. This program has almost all paid software features and tools.

PhotoScape is an application specifically for editing and processing photos. This program is highly recommended for beginners who want to edit photos. The ease of use and presence of features such as frames that are funny and interesting makes this application so much liked.

As one of the most popular chat and social media applications, LINE has also developed various applications to add excitement to its users.
One of them is B612. This Android photo editing application is quite popular and widely used throughout the world. You can use various filters and cool effects that can make your photos more interesting.

Who doesn’t know an Android application called Camera360 Ultimate. Yep, basically this application is a camera application with a very large and sophisticated filter.

You can even make your face normal, tend to be dull, become more handsome or beautiful. Besides being able to be used as a camera, this application can also be used to edit photos, by adding effects and filters.

BeautyPlus is used by more than 300 million people in the world because it is equipped with powerful photo editing tools, beautiful selfie effects, augmented reality filters, and many more that make your selfie moments more perfect

PicsArt has an excellent design program for editing photos with decorations and filters. Inside is a camera application, drawing tool, can process photos, add effects and also social platforms.

Other features include bolders, clipart, collages, crop, frame, rotate, stickers, text effects and so on. Cool, there is the Magic Effect feature, which will make photos look good and alive.

More than 7 million Android users have downloaded the developer application Cheetah Mobile (Photo Editor). In the application also did not escape in providing facilities in the form of various kinds of photo collages available. Starting from the form with 4 collages and even more. PhotoGrid claims that this application has more than 300 collages available and can be used free of charge by application users.

Boomerang is a super simple application where you record / burst 5 pieces of photos for 1 second which are converted into endless silent sounding playing videos.
This application is an application popularized by Instagram