10 Best Photo Editor for iPhone

I will show you ‘The 10 Best Photo Editing for iPhone’

To produce good photos, you don’t have to bother using an editing application on a laptop that seems less practical. Here I will explain about the 10 best applications for editing photos on the iPhone.

1. Snapseed

snapseed has some features that can make your photo even brighter, it such as exposure, color, sharpening adjustment, crop, rotate, straighten, and perspective correction for your picture. Snapseed is totally free, you can download it on the AppStore.


VCSO has some features such as editing tools for cropping, exposure, color, and sharpness. what special from this application is, it has build-in camera app with advanced manual controls, which means you can take a picture from this application without open your phone’s camera. You can download it free from the AppStore, but it’s not 100% free because it has a subscription fee for additional filters and tools. but after all, this application is great.

3. Afterlight 2

On this application, you can get some features such as exposure, color, and sharpening adjustment. But this application’s not free, you have to pay about $2.99. Don’t worry, it’s worth enough, because you can have double exposure tool for your blending images and more free filter packs by well-known mobile photographers.

4. Enlight

Enlight has some features such as cropping, rotating, straighten, and perspective correction for your picture to make it more better. It has filters, two-tone gradients, light leaks, and vignettes. Also black & white, paint, and sketch effects. But, you have to pay about $3.99 on the AppStore to get this features.

5. TouchRetouch

This application’s not bad, after all. It has features such as quickly remove unwanted objects for a cleaner composition, brush and lasso tools for accurate object selection. Also you can remove blemishes and smooth out wrinkles in portrait photos. But you have to pay, too, about $1.99 to get this application.

6. Instagram

Well, actually it’s not a photo editor app. But, you can use it as a photo editor and you can upload it on your Instagram’s account. Instagram is a social media, but you can also use it as a photo editor. It has some features, such as good selection of color and black & white filters, cropping, rotating, straighten, and perspective correction. Oh, and it’s free. You can get it free on the AppStore.

7. Adobe Lightroom CC

It’s a great application for photo editing. It has some features, such as powerful set of editing tools within a simple user interface, one-tap presets for quick edits, advanced editing tools such as curves and color mix, and many more. Adobe Lightroom CC is free to download, but you have to pay for additional features.

8. Mextures

On Mextures, you can import your own formulas for your picture, also you can fine-tune images with editing tools and filter presets. After all, mexture is a great app for photo editing on your iPhone. You need to pay $2.99 to get this app on the AppStore.

9. Lens Distortion

Lens Distortion has some features, such as create atmosphere and drama with rain, snow, or fog to make your photos more dramatic. Also, it can frame your subject or blur the edges with elegant glass textures. It’s free to download, but you may have to pay in-app purchase on the AppStore.

10. Superimpose X

It has great features, such as you can combine two or more photos to create a composite image, and you can add filters, blur, shadows, and other creative effects to make your pictures more alive. But you have to pay $4.99 to get this app on the AppStore.


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