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Author: Astin Izzah Candrawati

TOP 10 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES TO LEARN IN 2019 – ENGLISH PODCAST – ASTIN   10. Objective C Objective C is a general purpose , object oriented programming language that adds smalltalk style messaging feature to the C programming language , and it was used to create and manage OS X and IOS before they introduced the new Swift language in 2014 . One of the reason it’s still one of the top programming languages is because the ability to use any of the compilers and syntaxes in different C-based languages 9. SQL SQL is used as a standard query language for managing database ,despite of the other database technology , SQL has been reigning for the past four decades because of its simplicity , reliability , ubiquity and an active community that contributes to keep this open source language alive .  SQL is easier for beginners to learn compared to other languages . 8.PHP PHP is a programming language that used for Web Development mostly on the server side . PHP offers several frameworks like Yii and Laravel to build applications faster with more scalability and robustness . 7. C# C# is a modern object oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft and designed to develop apps on the Microsoft platform .  C# can be use to develop almost anything but it’s stronger in case of Windows desktop applications and games development . C# needs the .NET framework on Windows...

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The King and His Hawk   The King and His Hawk by James Baldwin Genghis Khan was a great king and warrior. He led his army into China and Persia, and he conquered many lands. In every country, men told about his daring deeds; and they said that since Alexander the Great there had been no king like him. One morning when he was home from the wars, he rode out into the woods to have a day’s sport. Many of his friends were with him. They rode out gayly, carrying their bows and arrows. Behind them came the servants with the hounds....

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