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Author: Syifa Zabrina Nur Lailia

Ngulik Banyuwangi, serta Uniknya Pantai Pulau Merah

Banyuwangi adalah ibu kota kabupaten, sehingga posisinya sebagai ibu kota kabupaten menjadikan banyak Gedung – Gedung pemerintahan, cabang – cabang perusahaan, dan pusat keramaian yang berdiri di silayah ini salah satu contonya PLTU PAITON, pembangkit listrik tenaga uap yang terbesar se Asia Tenggara ini berada di Banyuwangi. Tapi tunggu dulu di balik padatnya Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi masih menyimpan keindahan – keindahan alamnya terutama pantai karena letak geografis Banyuwangi sendiri yang berbatasan dengan timur selat Bali dan selatan samudera Indonesia. Salah satunya adalah Pantai Pulau Merah atau pantai Pulo Merah Pulau Merah atau Pulo Merah terletak di kecamatan pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. Banyak...

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Make a Simple Podcast

Have you ever listened to a podcast? If you have, you know that there’s not one word to truly describe them. Podcasts can be funny, entertaining and sweet, but they can also be informative, heartbreaking or even awe-inspiring. Since there are so many different kinds of podcasts, there really is something for everyone to listen to. But if that doesn’t convince you to give one a listen, here are some additional benefits that come from listening to podcasts. 1. You’ll become more imaginative. Unsplash In a study done by Emma Rodero at Pompeu Fabra University, it was found that listeners of podcasts generate more vivid images in their minds and have high levels of emotional involvement in the story. Another study proves that podcasts stimulate mental imagery more intensely and cause listeners to have to pay more attention. Since listeners of podcasts are only listening to a story and not seeing it, it causes them to have to use their imagination and build pictures of who and what they are listening to in their head. Therefore, their imaginations are more strong and vivid than those who do not listen to podcasts.  2. You can learn new things. Unsplash Podcasts come in a variety of lengths with different topics and subjects, so you are bound to find one that interests you. If you are interested in learning random facts ad nauseam, check out No...

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